George G. Kennedy

  • William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor of Agriculture, North Carolina State University
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Research in my program focuses at both the organismal and population level to understand the mechanisms and processes that lead to damaging plant-insect- pathogen interactions affecting agricultural crops. We seek to apply this understanding to development and improve insect management methodologies that improve crop protection and reduce the environmental footprint of agriculture. A major portion of my program focuses on vector biology, epidemiology, and management of insect-transmitted plant viruses with current emphasis on thrips-borne Tospoviruses and whitefly-borne Begomoviruses. We seek to integrate knowledge of virus and vector diversity / evolution, vector population biology, and the underlying mechanisms of virus transmission to gain understanding of the epidemiology of these viruses, predict their occurrence, and inform their management. I hold BS and PhD degrees in Entomology from Oregon State University and Cornell University, respectively. I served on the faculty of the University of California-Riverside before moving to NCSU where my research has been continuously funded by USDA, NSF, various agricultural commodity organizations, and corporate sponsors. I have served on numerous advisory panels for the USDA, EPA and NRC, addressing issues relating to pest resistance, pesticides, integrated pest management, and biotechnology. I am a Fellow and Past-President of the Entomological Society of America and recipient of the Entomological Society of America Award for Excellence in Entomology and the Entomological Foundation Medal of Honor.